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We address the needs of compliance professionals, interpreting difficult federal regulations and laws.

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We address the needs of compliance professionals, interpreting difficult federal regulations and laws.

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Integrated Disclosures Compliance Timeline (Version 1.2)

We’ve updated our Integrated Disclosures Compliance Timeline which can be found on the Integrated Disclosures Resources page of our website. Specifically, we removed the reference that a revised Loan Estimate was required on the same day as a ...Read More

SCRA Policy & Procedures

As we mentioned in our May Newsletter, we have developed a sample Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act Policy.  We have also included, with the...Read More

Regulation Z Coverage Change

Under today's rules, credit extended to anything other than a natural person is exempt from Regulation Z requirements. However, on August 1, 2015, a k...Read More

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Compliance Manuals

Up-to-date references at your fingertips.

Our manuals are meticulously cross-referenced to current regulatory statutes, lending quick research capability.

Deposit Operations Reference

This manual is an indispensable tool for keeping your staff well educated on a wide variety of consumer regulations.

Lending Reference Manual

This manual is an invaluable tool for practicing lending personnel or your compliance person.

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Susan Williams, VP/CO - Pinnacle Bank